Sparky's Woodshop
Sparky's Woodshop

Welcome to my website.

I have been working on projects since I was a kid.  My grandfather was a carpenter and was always working in his shop.  He had a knack for designing wood creations, from furniture, to toys for the kids or a way to make rosaries faster.  I learned a lot from him as well as my father.  My Dad is a "jack of all trades". There hasn't been a time where he didn't know how to fix or build something.  We spent countless hours working on cars, building speakers, refinishing houses or basements.  It is because of these two individuals that I am able to do the things I do today.


Lately my efforts in the shop have been in wood turning.  I have made numerous projects thus far and look to expand into different areas of turning in the future.  Attached are galleries of projects I have completed and hope you enjoy viewing my work.

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Jeff Mitchell

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